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Aeronautique offers DO-178B and DO-178C related services and training options to developers

Aeronautique is a partnership formed of experienced practitioners all of whom have been closely involved with the development of the RTCA and EUROCAE documents that contain aeronautical software guidance.


Gap Analysis

sampleOver many years our partners have offered a gap analysis service that evaluates an organisation's software processes for compliance with DO-178B. This has proved to be a very useful activity for first time developers and now we are additionally offering a gap analysis service for those businesses looking to prepare for or transition to DO-178C.

Aeronautique can conduct a detailed analysis and present a report outlining how the developer's processes and products stand up to the expectation of the aeronautical software guidance. Such analyses can be conducted for first time developers of avionic system software, of CNS/ATM system software or space system software. For those already involved in the development and approval of such software, we can conduct analyses for those looking to transitioning from DO-178B to DO-178C or from Military Standards, such as DOD-STD-2167A to DO-178B or DO-178C. The Space and Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) communities in Europe are taking on board DO-178B and, particularly, ED-109 (DO-278) and are beginning to question their own suitability to make the step to the revised documents. With extensive experience in these domains and detailed knowledge of all of the documents, Aeronautique is ideally placed to assist. Each gap analysis conducted will result in a presentation to the organisation and the provision of a detailed report explaining the areas needing attention and proposing suitable solutions. Where staff need training following a gap analysis, we can tailor an on site course to suit individual client needs.

Training courses cover all disciplines from management to practitioners, and range from short courses for experienced staff covering the transition from DO-178B to DO-178C to full three day courses that address the entire DO-178C related document set including the Object Oriented Technologies, Model Based Development and Verification and Formal Method supplements.